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Woodbury Down Project

By Leandro Silvestreleandro

Last September I concluded a master degree in Research Methods in Neuropsychology and perhaps as every student I believed that my professional career would improve fast. I quit my job as a bartender and I focused on finding a position in my field of expertise.

However, once again in my life things did not work as I planned. In every interview that I have been to, employers asked me about knowledge gained through my professional experience, but I did not have any. After talking to some friends, I was advised to take a position as a volunteer. I went to Hackney Volunteer Centre/Genesis Volunteer Programme where I had all the support to realise my own skills and how and where I could apply them all.

I started volunteering at 2 different places and the experience was absolutely amazing. I certainly gained much more than I expected. Apart from the professional skills acquired, I would say that the smile on the face of the people that you help is much more rewarded than anything.

Thanks to my volunteer jobs got thorough the support at Hackney Volunteer Centre/Genesis Volunteer Programme I am now in a full time position in the field of my studies and at least once a week I still volunteer, because I believe that is my responsibility to keep the smile alive.