Grassroots Programmes for Communities

logo-ourplace Our Place is a community-led volunteering project based on the New Kingshold estate, Hackney to: develop local solutions to local issues. We work with residents’ strengths and neighbourhood assets to grow grassroots community activity.

The project helps people get to know each other. It helps people feel more able to deal with local issues by addressing them together. In bringing people together, residents support and spark off one another, creating common, exciting goals.

We facilitate spaces for residents to come together, meet, discuss what concerns and desires they have in common, and grow these ideas into community projects.

By getting residents together for a simple cup of coffee, great ideas have been generated including craft sessions, a film club, a parent support group, bingo nights, a family holiday club, community gardening sessions, fun days and more. 

We help residents to identify what skills they can contribute. This can include running their own sessions; spreading the word about the project; creating posters; or providing peer support to their neighbours.

We then provide 1:1 and group support to make this happen, through capacity building, training and small grants. Since January over 80 residents have led and participated in local projects.

They have delivered over one hundred and twenty hours of community activities to their local neighbours. People have said they feel “more connected to the local area”.


Community Development Manager
Martha (tel: 0207 241 4443)

 Our Place Activities


Led by local residents, Primrose Square has been turned into a community garden where residents can attend drop in sessions and also use the produce grown.


Families have taken advantage of the volunteer created garden space  at Primrose Square to run fun activities such as an Easter egg hunt day and create a bug hotel.


Local residents with skills in arts and crafts all take part together in this calm and peaceful activity.

We’ve had many success stories - read about one of them here:
  • I’ve met so many people who live in the area I never knew before, and love being supported to use my own skills to run my own activities
    - Our Place Programme Participant

  • I’m not great with business. I’m on benefits and I’m a mum, so Priya and Polly are helping me through it so we can try to make (my project) sustainable. Without the direction of the team here, I’d be stuck in limbo and procrastinating rather than getting out and doing things.
    - Andrea, local resident running Families United, group activities club, for the school holidays

  • It has helped me so much to have support from people nearby who’ve been through similar things to what I’ve been through.
    - local parent


Our Place receives funding from People’s Health Trust, Active Communities and Southern Housing Group.

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We work in partnership with Hackney Council, Public Health, Cordwainers Grow, Single Homeless Project, New Kingshold Tenants’ and Residents’ Association and Southern Housing Group. 


“We’re just trying to build long-lasting relationships which help people realise that they have power, that if they get together, they can make changes and sort out problems.”  – Priya, Our Place Community Development Manager